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Waste of time
06 April 2019
Reviewer: J from Orlando

5 of 10 people found this review helpful

In the three months I spent on this site, I never once received a reply from any of the dozens of women I messaged. Around 90% of the profiles have been abandoned but never removed, and the site is filled with fake profiles. Every time I logged in I would a generic "Hey there" from one fake after another. The fakes are easy to spot: a young woman looking to hook up for casual sex, wanting to meet right away, and an oddly-worded or very short description of herself are dead giveaways. There are real women here looking for serious relationships, but I suspect their standards are unrealistically high. No reason to recommend this site.

In summary, I would not recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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Hitler in charge at POF
02 January 2015
Reviewer: Nelson from C.R.C.A

99 of 146 people found this review helpful

As many have experience in 2014, my profile of 7 years was deleted without reason or cause to me. Everything was going great with my pof in early nov 2014 to the last time used, never any problems in 7 years, I went on vacation, when I return by Thanksgiving, it was GONE, couldn't even say goodbye or happy holidays to my friends of many years? They're idiots, wrote them 5 emails over 5 weeks, trying to find out what happen before finally just receiving the automated B.S. email, indicating violation of Terms and Conditions, no actual details.

How can we get this mad man (Markus Frind from Germany) to stop this? Is this nazi germany to where ONLY one man decides the outcome and the freedom of choice of all at the same time being discriminating and providing undeserved outcomes, are there any laws in Canada to assist anyone? There should be an appeal process and if someone has made a mistake, given a second chance to amend, even criminals get this system or is Markus Frind perfect and everyone else not. Markus will probably institute the death penalty for those who commit any errors on POF in... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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Plenty of Fish
26 April 2012
Reviewer: JJ from Ca

162 of 310 people found this review helpful

Is good for what you get but DO NOT TRUST THE TESTS! As a mental health professional I can tell you that they are DANGEROUSLY misleading!!!! I put filed in 3 of their tests and answered in ways that where classifiable sociopathic. For the laymen out there that means a psychopath, in other words they could walk up to you and kill you for little or no reason at all and walk away and not give it another thought. The answers that I got back from the test made me out to be a pretty nice and clear fellow. They have absolutely no business giving tests like this and risking the safety of their users!!!!

In summary, I would recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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Great site, sadly you have to deal with all there is.
03 May 2011
Reviewer: Starfish from Toronto, Canada

169 of 335 people found this review helpful

This site is mostly free, the core features are free. However there are a few tweaks that you have to pay for, however having the free account is more than enough to meet people on this site. The paid features are worthless in my opinion (mostly just to show you're a "serious user").

The bad: Many girls are there just to boost their confidence. Since the guy to girl ratio is rampant and many of these are just looking to get laid even the ugliest of ugliest of girls will get a message. In fact a friend of mine made a profile with no picture and still got 10 messages within two days. I'd say the guy to girl ratio is at least 6:1

I met two girls from this site before, one turned out to be there for the money (and at least 30 pounds heavier than in the picture), the other one very nice but not compatible.

Its a good site overall.

In summary, I would recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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Plenty Of Fish Is By Far The Best
29 December 2010
Reviewer: Mikee from Harrisburg,Pa

183 of 360 people found this review helpful

This is the only dating site that gives 100% access to all it members without charging $30 plus a month. Unlike other sites they do not have a bunch of faked people there trying to lure you into a monthly subscription. Everything is free! If you been on other dating sites, you notice that people have seen there migrated over to this site. Unless you can communicate, the other sites are useless. The same people you saw on Match, Cupid, etc... are now here. While others sites may have 10-100 paying members in a 100 mile raduis, this site will have hundreds. I have been on the other sites and found one person in two years. I have have personally met 3 people on this site is less than a year.

In summary, I would recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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04 September 2010
Reviewer: Sepsl45 from Philadelphia, PA

177 of 350 people found this review helpful

I will preface this review by stating I am referring to people 45 years of age +.

Almost ALL of the people on this site think internet dating/matchmaking does not work and act accordingly. (I firmly believe they are WRONG). That is why they are on the FREE site. Every BAD internet cliche takes place here. (Misleading pics, complete insincerity, ridiculous expectations, you name it). The site gives you a LOT for free, but the "members" are not worth the price of admission. (I tried to give NO stars as a rating).

While not prefect, MATCH is THOUSANDS of times more rewarding. (NO, I'm NOT affiliated with Match in any way).

Sam L.-Phila., PA

In summary, I would not recommend Plenty Of Fish to a friend.

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