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Spark.com Review

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Spark.com is a US-centred dating website with its fingers in a number of international pies. With over 7 million registered users there are plenty of folks on there looking for lust, love or long term commitment, primarily in the US but also in the UK, Australia and parts of Europe.

Spark.com is a very user-friendly site: there are no banners or advertisements, the layout is clean and tidy and the site is extremely easy to navigate, even for internet newbies! For example, there are useful main tabs to direct you to key areas of the site and handy buttons that allow you to quickly and easily contact members.

The Standard and Premium membership prices are not visible until you have registered as a free member. Thankfully, registering as a free member is a pretty painless process. As a free member you can browse and search the millions of members' profiles and avail of lots of great features. For example, you can respond to an e-mail that a subscribed member sends you (you just can't make "first contact). This is one feature that distinguishes the top ranking dating sites from the lower ranking sites in our list of Online Dating Sites.

Spark’s “click” feature is worth noting: it’s a way of simply expressing that you feel you might get on with another member. By suggesting that you might “click” with another member the Spark team asks them the same question. If it’s a match then you’re put in touch and can start working out whether or not you were right! This is a simple but effective way of being introduced to people who you think you might enjoy getting to know but who you are perhaps a little timid to approach.

Also worth a mention is the “flirt” feature, which allows you to send messages that are pre-written. There are about 60 of them to choose from and they range from flirtatious to cheesy. But they’re a good way of saying hello if you’re not quite sure what to say. They’re also a good time saver if you’re interested in several members but don’t really have the time to construct long and meaningful messages for each of them.

Many of the best features, such as audio or video chats, are only available to paying members. It’s not surprising, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the free experience will be quite different to the full package. That said, there are a few payment plans available and they’re a very reasonable price. In fact they’re significantly less expensive than similar packages on a number of comparable sites, making Spark.com pretty good value over all.

The only real additions we’d like to see to Spark are a greater focus on events (so that members can meet in person at arranged points) and a blogging system for members to put their thoughts into the public domain. That said, these aren’t necessities, just pleasant extras.

Despite its large membership you may find that some periods of the day or night are quite quiet, but by building up a list of favourite members you’re bound to get a sense of community and feel like there are others around when you are.

Spark has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price. Check out what the search results are like in your area before you decide to split with your cash, but if that’s looking healthy then this is a solid choice and should get you the results you want. Good luck, Sparky. 

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