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Cupid.com Review

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Our first impression of the Cupid.com site is that they lack a large membership total.  They seem to operate regionally in the US as opposed to having an International membership.  Of course,  the standards of how large the membership of a site needs to be, in order to be effective for its members, changes with the scope and scale of its operation.  A more or less regional  business doesn't compare with an international business.

Registration is easy enough but searching for members is a pretty standard, even slightly limiting, process. As we proceeded to move ahead with our benchmark search, we were greeted by a more or less generic set of search parameters. This set off our low membership alarms. As we suspected, the result was a predictably small sample of members that were within a reasonable distance. Whilst some areas appear to have a decent membership base, some others are severely lacking. It’s not reassuring given the variety of mainstream dating sites out there which have millions and millions of members in their books. But let’s give Cupid.com the benefit of the doubt and not focus on numbers as it is sometimes the quality that counts.

Unfortunately the winged love child doesn’t necessarily tick a great number of boxes for us elsewhere, either. “Average” is a word that springs to mind, and though the site appears slick and well designed it’s actually not that easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Large pictures of cell phones and multiple choice boxes pop up to interrupt your experience here and there, which is an irritation when you just want to have a look at the members who might be the next love of your life.

When you do manage to find someone who might be of interest you often find their profile severely lacking in any kind of detail. This is no doubt due to the speedy registration process, which leaves people quickly producing something but not really spending any time or effort in making it something special or even revealing much about themselves.

A lot of members have uploaded photos but the site doesn’t let you zoom in or enlarge them much which doesn’t really allow you to get a good impression of them at times.

Cupid.com does tell  you when members are online, which is good because it can be doubly annoying to spend the time and effort searching through profiles and constructing a meaningful and unique message to find out later that member x doesn’t actually use the site and hasn’t for months.

The features offered by Cupid.com are typical of the better dating sites but you need a premium membership to get good access on Cupid.com. Free members' ability to express interest is relegated to sending 'winks' and responding to premium members' e-mail.  That's about all a free member can do.  Off-limits are the instant messenger feature, text chat, and the Audio/Video chats. This lack of access does present some problems for a site looking to boost its membership.

Membership upgrades are pretty pricey - there are certainly better sites which offer their services for less money.

We tend to recommend dating sites if they offer a good range of features to free members and if they also provide premium membership trials.  Our top rated sites tend to do this. They provide newbies with the opportunity to investigate all of the features on offer and to get more involved in what's happening on-site.  This "access all areas" approach often encourages newbies to upgrade to premium memberships and use the site's powerful features to their full potential.  It's a good recipe for creating a thriving site with lots of very active members.

In lending a verdict on Cupid.com we feel the membership base is too small to give us confidence that members will be successful in finding suitable dates and mates.  The features offered are good but member activity and involvement is not particularly high. Members are providing photos, which is a good sign, but the photo handling is disappointing.  The pricing is in line with the best sites but what is offered is not up to that standard. We see no signs of special features that bring added value for the members.  

Our recommendation for those interested in a premium experience that justifies the premium pricing level is to have a free trial with a few of the sites we rank highly in our reviwes of the best mainstream online dating websites.  Get familiar with how those sites work and how it feels to belong there.  These free trials will enable you to better compare and contrast the sites on your shortlist. Thus empowered, you could choose one to join as a premium member but also stay on top of the others you are already familiar with and see what happens all around.  

This gives a new meaning to playing the field!  The only difference is that the field you are now playing can be an international one and a local one at the same time.  Your field is a group of websites rather than a group of individuals.  We hope this logic sequence makes sense to you as a reader.  We don't want to offer negative reviews of any site that is truly trying to win your custom.  In the case of Cupid.com they have a much better name than most, but a name isn't  going to get you that date or relationship you are investing your time and possibly your money in.  So it makes sense to also try a top rated site for comparative purposes.

All in all it’s hard to recommend Cupid.com. There are positives to it but the negatives, however niggly, make the experience of using the site less than godly. Cupid’s arrows need a sharpen, the bow might require a new string. But it’s worth taking a look, perhaps you’ll see someone who really seems to be “your kind of person”. The site has the basic features to allow you to talk and potentially meet up, it’s just missing that spark.

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