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PerfecMmatch.com is a dating site which focuses on matching you with your ideal date through an intricate personality testing system. You answer a large number of multiple choice questions to help discern the sort of person you are and the sort of person you might be matched to. As well as this you are able to include a more free-flowing essay-like variety of information which gives a more personal twist to your profile. All combined this created an in depth profile which reveals a lot about each member.

There are two ways to meet other singles on this site: the first is to receive automatic matches from the PerfectMatch database, which is based on the multiple choice answers you gave. In theory this should provide you with a list of members who are most suited to your habits and personality. Secondly, you can simply perform a search or browse members to decide on who you would like to speak with for yourself. Either way, you can either decide to send a message to a member or to click that you are “interested” in them. It’s a worthwhile system because it allows you to take different approaching to meeting new people, although the prescribed matches can feel, well, a little prescribed. The old adage “opposites attract” doesn’t really work with PerfectMatch.com. Equally, though, the system might offer you potential dates who you might not have considered without their intricate testing system.

Photos are of a varied quality, though most members have done a good job at choosing a picture which is clear and gives a good representation of their real life appearance. Photos are also vetted by the admin team, which means you rarely get grainy or incomprehensible photos appearing. Features tend to focus around the test systems put in place, though you can also read about events in various places and get some insight from a number of articles written about dating and the dating lifestyle.

Registration is a multiple-choice sort of affair, a relatively simple but time consuming task. The personality test isn’t optional, either, which means that you have to sit through and put in your answers. Of course the more accurate you are the better your matches will be, but some questions – as is common in such tests – seem to offer choices which contradict one another at some point, making the reliability of the results a little murky.

Over all, perfectmatch.com is a decent dating site with a high membership rate, but its system feels a little flawed because you’ll probably end up opposing some of the statements you’re made to agree with. The heavy focus on statistical analysis also leaves you feeling a bit like you’re going to date a robot, or that your love life is somehow influenced by circuitry. Except for a few packages, it’s not that cheap either so you’ll want to look around at other sites before deciding to part with your cash. A good site for recommendations, but somewhat restrictive for freedom and choice.

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