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OK Cupid Review

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OKCupid.com is a completely free dating site with none of the hidden costs that you sometimes find lurking away in other “supposedly free” dating websites. You are able to access all the features available without paying for it, which is a good thing in our books! With over 3.5 million active users this site is definitely one worth checking out.

Joining is an easy process, though we did experience a glitch when asking us for our age, despite saying we were in our late twenties it kept saying “you must be over 18 to use this site” and not letting us progress. If you experience this problem then try clearing your cookies and having another go. Otherwise things were smooth sailing and the site even has a bit of a sense of humour, making wise cracks like “ooh I know that place” and “hooray” when you’ve put in a correct email address. It’s not a life changing process but it adds a bit of interest in what can sometimes be a very boring slog.

Once you’ve logged in you’re able to start building your profile, which can be as detailed or irrelevant as you like. There are apparently over 30,000 quizzes which you can take (produced by staff, professionals and other members) or you can even create your own and ask others to take it. It’s an interesting way of getting to know someone on a more unique level that could act as a useful conversation starter. You can also give yourself a variety of “awards” based on how you feel you are as a person and what your test results say about you. Awards might include titles such as “more kinky” or “more exciting” and come with a special icon for others to notice at a glance. Overall then the personalisation of your profile is a big bonus on this site. Other features are found elsewhere, such as instant messenger or the ability to send internal emails, but nothing is quite so stand-out as the personalisation initiatives in profile creation.

OKCupid has a bit of a sense of humour about things, which can be a bit confusing at first but you’ll soon get used to it. Rather than checking who has “viewed your profile” this site calls it a “My stalkers”. Similar titbits are strewn through the site and add a feeling of fun which can sometimes be lacking on other sites.

There are a few improvements we’d like to see. Members’ photos aren’t always top notch, which could be improved by having admin teams regulate each of them or by providing stricter guidelines. A few extra features would also be nice, such as video chats or more forum/chat room options. That said, these features are more expensive to run and this is a free site, so we can’t grumble too much.

OKCupid is a great dating website. It covers all the basics well, has a sense of fun about it and has the membership numbers to support a serious dating advocate. There are small improvements that could be made but they’re easily forgivable given that the site is completely free to use. Good times ahead, this Cupid certainly has a string to its bow!

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