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Apparently Date.com has had quite the success, with over 50 marriages under its belt to date. It doesn’t mention if any devolved into divorce, so the optimists among you can assume that the married couples are still blissfully happy. One of the greatest features of this site is its membership, which ranges into the millions, providing a substantial number of potential dates for you, wherever you are! Another draw is its ratio of males to females, which is considerably more balanced than elsewhere and so levels the playing fields somewhat.

Signing up was a bit of a chore, but this is because the more information you are willing to provide the better service you will receive. A lot of this information is also voluntary, you can save completing your profile for a later date or just leave it as you prefer it. Talking of profiles, most of the members have gone to some effort to make sure theirs has all the information you might want to know, and a vast number have uploaded photos which reflect their real appearance (e.g., not hiding in the shadows, wearing masks and so on). You can upload a photo of up to 5MB, which is a much higher definition that some sites allow. Free members can also enlarge photos to get a proper look at them, which is often restricted on other dating sites.

Another handy feature is the ability to see who is online at the same time as you and to change your viewing criteria so you can find members who suit your particular needs. For example you can click on “members online” and then change the age range and location to find people in your area who are around your age, if you wish.

There are a variety of chat rooms which you can get involved in, which make for a fun alternative way to meet people based on your interests and personalities. If there’s nothing you like the look of you can even start your own chat room based on any topic you prefer. Subjects come in a variety of forms and members really can get into the spirit of chat and debate. It’s a good way to meet people in a low-stress environment where the impetus isn’t on just two of you to make conversation. You may even end up meeting more than one person in a chat who you click with and it’s a good way to feel part of an online community.

Date.com has all the features you would expect in a dating site (see the list of features above for a complete list). The only major feature that we would like to have seen is the ability for free members to reply to emails sent to them by Premium members. As it stands, if you're a free member on Date.com and someone you like sends you an email, you will have to upgrade your membership before you can reply. Some other dating sites (though not all) do allow free members to reply to e-mails they're sent. The fact that you can't do this on Date.com is a major hindrance to finding a date, whether you're the free member who received the email and cannot reply without upgrading your membership, or whether you're the paid-up member who sent the email to a free member. Either way, this is a bit of a bummer! If you like the look of Date.com, you may also wish to check out Matchmaker.com, which is run by the same company. Matchmaker has a very similar feature set to Date.com, a similar user interface, but it has more members and does allow free members to reply to emails.

At first glance it would appear that you can't browse the site to see who's in your area before signing up as a free member at the very least. But, if you look towards the bottom of the homepage you'll see some rather inconspicuous links marked "Personals" and "Dating". The first of these links to a page where you can browse member profiles by state (US and Canada only) and the second links to a page where you can view member profiles by major city (US, Canada, UK and Europe only). You can then filter these profiles by gender (although not by age). This may at least give you an idea of who's online in your area before you even need to sign-up as a free member! We have no idea why Date.com have decided to include these links in such a secretive manner - but they have - and now you know all about it!

Membership of Date.com also gives you access to a webzine at Date.info, which is packed with useful tips and advice for anyone engaged in online dating, from advice on creating a really cracking profile that will attract everyone's attention, to advice on how to make a great first impression when emailing someone for the first time. Unlike the online magazines that are available from many other dating sites, Date.info really is an interesting read, with contributions from members giving their success and failure stories, as well as articles and tips from professionals in the dating scene. Check out David de Angelo's dating tips for men and Christian Carter's dating tips for women as a must read. A copy of the weekly e-zine will also be sent to you by e-mail unless you choose not to receive it. Members of Date.com's sister-site, Matchmaker.com also have access to Date.info's webzine.

Once you have signed up, it's relatively easy enough to navigate your way around, with clear sections highlighted on tabs at the top of the page. Equally, useful information is provided on each page, which makes finding what you’re looking for that bit easier. That said, the colours used (primarily blue, grey and white) aren’t the most vivid and – whilst you don’t want to be blinded by colour – give the site a slightly amateur feel. But looking beyond aesthetics, all the information you need is easily accessible and well organised.

There’s much to like about Date.com, so why not try it out yourself. There are plenty of folks on there ready and willing to get to know you better. Alternatively, you can have a look at the other dating sites featured in our top ten list.

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