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06 January 2013
Reviewer: Been there never doing it again from Conneticut

162 of 303 people found this review helpful

First of all I must correct one point of the editors review..the average age is not 25 the average age is more like 50 to 60 and beyond.

My take of this site. I joined a few years ago...After awhile I found the forums. What a dumpster of trash! Just negativity! I was treated so badly,by both women and men alike. I was accused of being a sock puppet. I had to look that one up? The same few people post there day in day out. They delight in chasing off anyone younger or anyone who displays one wit of personality. Yes they chased me off. I didn't have the snark to survive in that environment.

The only mail I ever received in my time there was from Nigerian scam artists looking to find a mark in order to clean out their checking accounts.

I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone and I am amazed that it is still up and running.

In summary, I would not recommend Match Doctor to a friend.

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people on site
04 November 2012
Reviewer: Jordache from fla

170 of 314 people found this review helpful

was on the site for a LONG time NEVER met anyone and the people that remain on the site are a bunch of malicious nasty ignorant people theeeeeeeeee WORST I have ever seen in a bloggers community I would suggest to EVERYone to go to other free sites that are MUCH better sites the people are FRIENDLY you actually meet people and the blogs are user FRIENDLY match doctor has allowed a group of 8 or 9 people to monopolize the blogs and treat people that don't agree with them in a manner so that most just cancel the subscription and DO go elsewhere with the site flailing and losing members every day I would think that management would remove the 8 or 9 instead of letting those "chosen" few ruin the site for all others SAD VERY VERY SAD guess is like they say you get what you pay for and in this site NOTHING

had to check off one star for all categories to get this published do NOT agree with that at all would give NO stars for any of the services but sign up

In summary, I would not recommend Match Doctor to a friend.

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Matchdoctor.com now sits on the bottom....
15 August 2011
Reviewer: Guest from New Mexico

153 of 283 people found this review helpful

At one time, Matchdoctor.com, created in about 2001, was a decent free dating site. Initially, before the social networks became popular, they competed against other free dating sites such as PlentyOfFish.com, Cupid.com, etc., but steadily lost participation to now about 30 or so members online, which about 20 of those are scammers/fakes using the free services ... as can be expected.

It is anyone's guess as to why Matchdoctor now sits at the very bottom of traditional free dating sites, but my experience is because of their gross inconsistency and but one biased Moderator who claims to be "god."

Now, the place is not only rampant with scammers and fake profiles, but participation in the forums is biased, bigoted and subject to not only the whims of a buffoon for a Mod, but the acceptance is dependent on a dozen or so resident psychopaths ... that with thousands and thousands of posts, scheme with the resident Mod to run anyone new off.

And maybe the worst part, is having one's personal information passed around behind the scenes... so beware and do not reveal anything that can connect you to the stalkers and scammers that are waiting for you on MatchDoctor.com

In summary, I would not recommend Match Doctor to a friend.

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