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Mr. d
21 June 2016
Reviewer: Martind from Manchester, UK

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It never surprises me how people get frustrated and feel there is something underhand going on when things don't go their way or if a dating site doesn't instantly deliver. I have used quite a few dating sites over the years and have found 2 medium term partners that way. Zoosk can't deliver; no site can. Only the individual can deliver. Yes there are a some fakes on Zoosk (there are on all site) and there are some idiots and weirdos too - male and female. The 'view' scenario on Zoosk happens because people generally browse, and in browsing they browse many profiles - repeatedly - either those on-line or via the search facility. Just because someone browses past you several times it doesn't mean that they fancy the pants off you (or that they should because they are somehow supposed to). I've found some really good looking women on Zoosk - with fantastic personalities. But it's not a walk in the park, it never is! I've actually spoken to some women on the phone, have had a great laugh, and I've met a couple too (not something a fake or an employee does)... and I've only been on the site a couple of weeks. Guys need to be patient, diplomatic and maybe just let women come to them in their own time rather that breathe down their necks with constant messages and winks. Women like to be chased but they don't like to be pushed, and very often the women contacts you - genuinely - because they see something in your photo and profile that they like. Even then, it doesn;t mean there will be an spark, chemistry or shared wavelength. The Zoosk coins (the carousel) - that's just a bit of fun. I haven't paid any more than my basic membership and I've had no need to pay any more. Zoosk is as good as the person who uses it. Just be wise, lighten up, and put your expectations to one side!

In summary, I would recommend Zoosk to a friend.

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