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My OkCupid Experience
01 May 2013
Reviewer: Whoopiedo from West Europe

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In 2010 I joined OkCupid with the intention of filling in a test. A rather strange motivation to join a dating site, but so I did anyway. After having finished the test, I decided to stay around and see what the site was all about.

I found many girls, whom most of them came from the USA.
I am European myself and was disappointed in the lack of European members.

I returned to OKC late 2010 and decided to talk to anyone, everywhere. I am quite the attractive guy, and I had serious problems getting replies. My messages varied a lot, and only 2 out of 10 would reply, often even with nothing interesting to say closing the conversation. This could possibly be led back to girls not replying back because of the 'distance.'

I wasn't looking for anything 'distance,' but the lack of okc's variety in locations made okc, unless used in such a way completely useless to someone like me. At some point OKC became a tool to get rid of boredom, rather than to find a date. I wasn't taking the site seriously.

I was playing detective 100% of the time, seeing how OkC is flooded with fake profiles and fake young attractive girls. In some of the concersations I've held, girls told me about the excessives of some men on the site-- 50 year olds messaging these younglings for a date-- ridiculous!

I felt that OKC was flooded with fakeness and pesky people-- possibly caused by masses of men messaging girls dozens of time. It decreased the reply rate of these girls/women, and seriously affected the morale of men. After all, would you still type lovely messages after no replies thirty times?

Despite what I said so far, OKC is actually a decent site. It has a wide variety of options available, is free and gives you chances of socially interacting online without having to pay for it. The tests are fun, the personality questions work and there is a massive database of dates waiting to be discovered. Just be careful with who you message-- lots of fake profiles.

In my time on OKC, which was an on and off rxperience for a total length of about 6 months, I met hundreds of women online, messaged thousands of women online, had good conversations with dozens of women and went offline to other means: skype, texting, etc. With about 10 people, with a handful resulting in dates.

Now I feel that out of the hundreds of messages only about 10 were worthwhile, I can only say to be disappointed. But strangely enough, I found my girlfriend on this site. It's only one you need.

In summary, I would recommend OK Cupid to a friend.

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