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Match can work.
21 January 2013
Reviewer: Kris from San Antonio, TX, USA

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People get on dating web sites for a lot of different reasons, mine was ultimately to find a lasting relationship. I've tried a couple of other dating sites before getting on Match.com and met some nice people, went on several dates. For one reason or another things just didn't work out. I'm a busy professional with children, previously married for more than ten years. I had no idea where to start the dating process. Online dating gave me a way to meet people.

I think the most important thing about online dating is being honest, both in posting information about yourself and in reviewing other's information. It's critical to have good photos posted, I don't think they have to be professional, but they should be in focus, reasonably current, tell something about you, your life and your interests. When contacted by men that I was not interested in I thanked them for them interest and kindly said I was not interested but wished them the best in finding that special someone. It works the other way too, I didn't stress out and wonder why I didn't receive a message back from someone I had contacted. We're all attracted to different things. It was important to me that I ended up with someone who was attracted to me and looking for the same things in a relationship.

I was lucky enough to find that someone, that I have since built a very successful relationship with, within a month of signing up for Match.com. We met soon after we started communicating, within a week or two, and are still dating 10 months later. I think any dating site it what you put into it. If you aren't upfront about what you want and review profiles based on that mind set than you could end up wasting your time and being disappointed. I'm not a romantic, I don't believe in that one special person, or love at first site, in fact, I feel that emotions are sometimes a negative in a relationship because they can override logic and reason. I believe that what truly makes a good relationship is two people who are committed to common goals and to the welfare and happiness of each other. I'm very grateful to have found someone like minded, and Match.com provided the opportunity to meet.

I thought the site was easy to use. I felt that I had a large selection of potential matches to choose from, but I think that is normal since I live in a fairly large city. I communicated with several very nice people, although I think the only person I actually dated was the person I'm currently with. Not sure why, I guess it just worked out that way. Again, I can't stress enough the importance of accurately putting down your own information and being strictly honest in what you are looking for in someone else. I feel it really helped to narrow down the matches to the ones that I was most likely to be interested in. The only thing I didn't like was the auto renewal process. However, getting a refund was fairly simple, so I didn't feel it was a huge deal.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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