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01 January 2012
Reviewer: Matchman from San Francisco Bay Area

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I'm male, 53 (look 43 maybe), fairly decent looking, been on-off this site since Feb 2011. Divorced. Women I date are mostly 40-52 range, divorced. I've have dated several women from this site (match.com) in last 11 months. Some of the women I have had an easy time meeting, some are more elusive. Normally, I like to wait until I get someone that either emails me or shows "interest" or wink before trying to contact them. When I try to initate contact with them I'm only successful in getting a meeting with them about maybe 30% of the time. Rest of the time I get ignored. It's all about chemistry, if she doesn't see it in your photo and profile then fuggitaboutit. Move on. Same with me. Not all the emails, winks, and interests I get are from women I would be interested in dating. I have heard from nearly all the women I have dated off this site that tell me that some of the men on match.com "just don't get it". The women don't don't want to see shirtless photos and profiles that sound egotistical or written by some guy that can't even spell. I don't browse the "competition" (guys) profiles so I'm only going by what they tell me. I've been told by several women my profile is what got me their interest. I keep my shirt on in my profile and I write about about positive influences and I spell check. I've also been told from quite a few women that some of the men are just rude with no social skills whatsoever. These are the ones that they had a first meeting with and evenually decided to blow off, only to have them constantly email, text, etc. them afterwards. Guys that only makes it more difficult for me to get their number. C'mon. Get a clue. I sometimes get what looks to be bogus contact. Normally these are without a photo. I promptly delete them and don't waste any time on them. I sometimes get lulls with no contact for a couple of weeks or so. But I've been dating nearly non stop since I been on this site from women I met on it. I have met several quality women off this site. Most of the time if I get a second date then things evenually become intimate. I've been in bed with more women in 2011 from dating off match.com than any other year of my life (but I would trade it for one serious and good relationship). I did get off it for a time when one relationship got serious. When it ended I got back on and got right back in it. I currently date 4 different women but hoping one turns serious. Way I see it it most of the guys that are unsuccessful on this site are probably the same ones that are unsuccessful when it comes to meeting women using other methods. You should probably look at what you are doing to turn women off and change your behavoir, tactics, and perhaps your expectations. Meeting all these women has been a learning experience for me, I'm constantly changing to make myself more attractive to women. That's true even with the success I've had. I've screwed up a couple of relationships I had with women from match because I was just dumb about a few things. That's the key to success on this site or in the real world too.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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