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Datematch.com is not worth a nickel
28 April 2011
Reviewer: PissoffatDatematch from SC

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I became a member of another site, and that site took my credit card information and now my profile and my credit card is being used, and never agreed to this.

I have done some diging on this site, and found out that most profiles on these women are OCs- to find out more, it is just a scam. I also found out that some are ladies of the night, or prositutes... and not even in the country where I am (united states). I did some searches (thru one of my programs) and found out some pictures are from online porn sites, yes- they copy and past picture of women, so they lure men in...

What gives most this scam away, women will address you as hon or honey all the time, and their english is very bad, hard to understand. I would ask them some questions, and never get a real answer. Sometimes, a woman would write to you, and she would state that- This is my first time in doing this, or I am a new memember, and just joined last week, which is all a lie, for example, look at their profile, and men have left messages for over a year? She just joined the site? Also, I changed my zip code, to see what would happen,,,, yes profiles from women changed to be near me again, and I am talking about from California zip and then changed to Florida (towns are just random in those states).... so that tells me, that Datematch has a program, and adjusted to my profile--

So, I gave it a few good stars, for views, but I would not let anyone waste their time and money on this site....trust me, it is a scam

One further note, the people that reviewed this site? Their is no way you guys really visited this site, or you get a kick back from them, for a positive review---not nice, but when you get paid by the hand that feeds you, you better be nice---I have also read more real reviews from other's on review sites, and 99 percent say --- it is a scam. The only ones that might say anyhing good or positive- work for the site and have money coming in from guys, because most women are not on that site. They belong to E Harmony- or another site that is popular...

So, stay the hell away, or will find out the hard way...

In summary, I would not recommend Date Match to a friend.

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