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Poor security
10 July 2012
Reviewer: Grumpy old git from Europe

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There are very many genuine women on this site but unfortunately there are also a huge number of scammers. What is worse is that the site management leaves the scammers on for far too long before kicking them off, by which time the damage can already have been done. When the site kicks them off, the scammers are back on again, sometimes within minutes.

On the one hand, I have met a few very charming, genuine and beautiful women through this site, although the travel bill has been significant in order to do this. You should remember that Eastern European women sometimes expect their men to buy costly presents, as is the custom there if the man is rich. And many of them think western European or American men are all rich!

On the other hand, I do not like the site's appalling lack of policy on scammers. It is abundantly clear that they don't monitor new profiles or changes to profiles. Also, from the number of times the same scammers come back, I suspect that the site doesn't block IP addresses. I've even speculated that some of the scammers are actually the site management.

If you don't feel confident dealing with scammers or identity thieves, don't go near this site. Remember these simple (but not exhaustive)rules - 1 NEVER send money to someone whom you have not met in person - 2 if the person wants to go straight to instant messaging off-site, they are probably up to no good, so get rid - 3 if the photo is of a white girl, but the English in the message looks as if it's written by a black African, get rid - 4 if you would say, "No," to someone you meet in a bar when they ask you the question which is posed on-line, then why are you even considering answering, "Yes?" - 5 NEVER give your full name, date of birth or home address, unless you know the person VERY well, i.e. you have spoken on the 'phone, met them, or written to them for a long time. Identity theft is common and it will take you a long time and a lot of effort to slear your name if it happens to you! - 6 Scammers want a quick return, so won't write 30 or 40 letters before asking for money.

If you are confident at dealing with scammers, and I have some 12 years' experience of dealing with them, this site could be ok, but TAKE CARE!!!

In summary, I would recommend Lavaplace to a friend.

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