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criminal gangster organisation
03 March 2012
Reviewer: Antiscam123 from Sydney, NSW Australia

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This site is owned by Pirhana new media ltd. a pirhana fish can eat you alive. once they get your credit card number they are able to clone ANY vendor and bill you for ANYTHING. your only escape is to swap BOTH bank and credit card company very quickly.

See my blog at www.antiscam123.wordpress.com. Subscribing for one month with www3.amateurmatch.com with an option for $2 trial with datematch led to automatic monthly renewal with amateurmatch. they advertise that you can cancel the autorenew online but when you click on it it is disabled. They had six categories of status for priority in the traffic monitoring site for cancellations with amusing labels like urgent, desperate and critical. the real women members are kept hidden from the men and only fake ones are accessible. i would be happy to prove this 100% beyond doubt for any court case in any country. this is a criminal offence. my screenshot proof is a watertight case. messages arrive from both bots and human staff writers who make allusions to your previous message. males are visible to females and you might actually get a message from a real woman but the impersonators are committing a felony. i can also prove this beyond reasonable doubt. They could be sued for psychological damages because they pollute mens minds and waste mens time. they are so greedy and confident of not getting caught that they also start sending UNAUTHORISED bills from datematch. once any criminal has your card details they have the ability to clone ANY vendor and bill you for ANY amount if they want to, as often as they want to. your bank will do nothing to stop them, even if they have had complaints by other customers. your government will do nothing to stop them either, even though in the USA there is a government database of reported scams at ecommerce.com. In Australia, I cannot sue an internet scam in court unless it is based in this country (no jurisdiction). I took my dispute to my bank and got a new card with a new number. Guess what, the bank told amateurmatch my new card number and i copped a bill from datematch. Your only escape is to A) swap banks and B) swap from Mastercard to Visa, or vice-versa. Even that might not work !!!! Read my blog to find out a very simple but deadly device that the government and banks can use to bring ALL bank transactions within local jurisdiction to enable them to squash credit card scammers like insects if they want to. But they dont want to. The governments pretend that they cant help us. they will tell you that their legal advice is that it is impossible to help us. The proposals in my blog prove that this advice is wrong. The banks pretend that its not their responsibility, they blame the government. Read my blog at www.antiscam123.wordpress.com and write to your congressman or member of parliament.

In summary, I would not recommend Date Match to a friend.

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