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Please note that Be2.net has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Be2.net below, or check out the rest of the Online Dating Sites we've reviewed.

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Be2.net Review

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Be2.net is a totally free dating site that would give many premium, paid dating sites a run for their money. Be2.net has all the features you would expect in a dating site, like the ability to browse other profiles, perform searches, email and instant message other members, along with some more advanced features like video chat, and the ability to see when a member last logged in, and all for free! Some of the features provided by Be2.net are actually missing from some premium, paid dating sites, like the ability to see when members were last online and the ability to see who's added you to their favorites list. Be2.net also has a few features that we haven't come across anywhere before, like the ability to see if a member has read your email and even the ability to see if he or she has deleted it, which are very useful features indeed.

One of our favorite Be2.net features was a hot-or-not feature, where you can pick a random female or male profile, and rate him/her out of 10, after which the system will present you with another profile for you to rate. This provides hours of entertainment and is a feature we found ourselves quite distracted by when we came to review the site!

Another feature we particularly liked was the fact that you can change the appearance of your profile by adding myspace codes to it, including html, dhtml and css code (basically, any code you can add to myspace you can also add to Be2.net). This personalises your profile page, which will appeal greatly to the web 2.0 generation of internet users. You can also add your own Youtube videos to your profile. If you don't know what we're talking about here, then you need not worry about it - you can just leave your profile appearance the way it is.

As a free dating site, you do have to put up with a fair number of advertisements, some of which intrude into the center of the profile you're looking at. But a large number of advertisements are the norm for free dating sites, as their primary source of income is through advertising. After a while however you do get used to the advertising and become somewhat blind to it, and at the end of the day the site is free, so who can complain?

Be2.net has a comprehensive search facility, allowing you to perform all manner of searches, including a hobby search, which might be ideal if you're looking for someone with the same interests you have. The only parameter missing is the zip code search parameter, allowing you to search by zip code, but you can search for members by city for any country in the world, so this was not a problem.

Be2.net currently has around 120,000 members, which is quite low compared to some of the more popular paid dating sites. Hopefully the membership base of Be2.net will increase as time goes by, as it is certainly deserving of more attention.

With so many advanced features and a comprehensive and powerful search facility, all wrapped up in an intuitively designed site and all for free, we have no hesitation in recommending Be2.net!

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Please note that Be2.net has now been discontinued.

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