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5 Tips for Success with Online Dating

In the roll and rattle of the modern world, it can be hard to find a date. People are busy, and meeting potential dates doesn’t come as easily as it used to, but thankfully Online Dating Websites are here to help.

So, you’ve made that leap into the realm of online dating, what’s next? Well, we’ve explored hundreds of dating websites and we’ve got some top tips to help you find a date online…


1: Choose the right site

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people just choose the most popular dating site. This isn’t always the best idea, especially if you want to meet someone who shares your interests. There are all sorts of dating sites out there, and they each have different benefits. If you’re really interested in finding someone with a fun personality, for example, look for a site which allows you to list hobbies and interests. You might also want to chat to them online to find out if you’ve got any chemistry, so look for a site which offers live chat options. If, however, you’re really keen to find someone who floats your boat in the looks department, why not try a site which allows members to upload lots of high definition photos, or maybe even videos?


2: Choose your package carefully

A lot of people expect to get a date straight away, so they often just take the cheapest option when choosing their membership package. This can be a mistake. Finding your ideal date can take some time, and members who use dating sites regularly may go on lots of dates before finally deciding they don’t need the website any more. Paying for a slightly more expensive package will give you the time you need to find dates, but it can also offer extra tools to help you connect. Whether it’s web cam options, more photo storage, access to forums or just being able to jazz up your profile page, we strongly recommend considering the different packages available when you sign up.


3: Be yourself

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true! What’s the point in finding a date based on a lie? Eventually this will slip out, or you’ll just feel uncomfortable when you meet because you hadn’t been entirely honest. There are so many people looking for dates online, there’s no need to be anything other than yourself. Be honest, state what you’re looking for, what your interests are, who you’re hoping to meet. That direct and sincere approach can be a lot more attractive than bravado.


4: Complete your profile page

Whilst it can take some time to complete your profile page, we really recommend it. If members come across a half-finished, lackluster profile with one dodgy photo, they’re going to think you can’t be bothered. Uploading photos, adding information about your life and hobbies, helps members to understand you as a person. From there, they can properly judge whether or not you’ll get along. Many sites use matching algorithms to help find you dates based on your personality and preferences, too, so if you don’t complete your profile then you’re missing out on potential matches. Aside from filling in the written elements, you should also upload some decent photos. Nothing dim and grainy, but high quality, colourful snaps which clearly show your best features. Think of it like an advert: would you be interested in a product if you didn’t know what it did or how it looked?


5: Explore the features

Aside from searching for dates and sending messages, many dating sites offer a wide range of addition features. You may be able to add music, list your favourite movies, chat in forums, send ice-breaker messages or even play games. Take a look around the site and try out the various features on offer. These are designed to make online dating fun and accessible for all sorts of people, so you’re really restricting your options if you only send private messages. Forums and games also offer great opportunities to meet people you might otherwise have ignored. Try them out!


The lowdown

Online dating is meant to be fun! Enjoy yourself, be true to yourself, and make the most of your subscription. With all this in place, we’re sure you’ll be catching dates in no time. Good luck!

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