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5 Great Ways to Revitalise Your Online Dating Life

If you’ve been online dating since the Stone Age, you may have become a little lacklustre. But all is not lost! There are several ways for you to add a bit more spice into your online dating life, and they all start with a little changeā€¦


1: Update your profile page

You may be surprised by how many members never update their profile page. If you’re one of those people, it’s worth jiggling things around a little bit. Chances are, you’ve changed a fair bit since you first started out, and your profile should reflect that. Maybe you’ve a new hobby to add, a new outlook to share, some dating experiences which might help the old-you (your current profile) to sidestep any pitfalls. It’s time for an update! Adding a few personal anecdotes and reflections can add more personality to your pages, and potentially draw in a new crowd of admirers.


2: Change your search filters, check for new features

A lot of people fall into the trap of just repeating the same searches and checking out the newest members. Sometimes breaking out from your habits can be a good thing. If you’ve always been into brown hair and eyes, why not give blondes a try for once? If you’ve updated your interests on your profile, think about searching for those new interests when seeking dates online. It’s worth checking search parameters even if you don’t intend to change anything, simply because the site may have updated the options which are available to you. A good dating site will be constantly improving and developing, so who knows what new features await you?


3: Try a different site

It might simply be the case that you’ve chosen the wrong site, or you’ve become bored with it. When your membership is due to run out, why not consider a totally different dating website? They often have a very different feel to one another. Some are more serious, others are fun, and many have a particular focus on a lifestyle or fetish. There are some interesting twists on the conventional “build a profile and search for others” dating website, including sites which allow your friends to write about you, or which use games to find matches. Even if the mechanics of a site are similar to your existing dating website, the members will be different.


4: Check out the community features

Chatting to other members privately might seem a little forced, particularly if you’re answering the same old questions (“What do you like? What do you do for work?” etc etc etc). Joining in group games, conversations and activities is a good way to meet new people who you might otherwise have ignored. It’s also a chance to get to know people based on interests and topics, rather than their profile page. Who knows, you might even make a few friends, as well as dates.


5: Travel

This is a slightly more expensive option, but have you considered broadening the geographical distance you’re willing to travel to find a date? Most people only look in their town or city, but if you don’t mind a few trips then it’s a great way to expand your pool of potential dates. You can even meet dates or friends further afield, after getting to know them online. Likewise, if you aren’t against a longer-distance relationship, your dates can visit you and you can show them around where you live. This can be more exciting than dating locals, who’ve already visited the hot spots and might be a little less exhilarated by the experience.


In Conclusion

There are several ways to add a bit of vigour into your online dating life. If you feel you’ve stagnated, switch things up a bit, take a bit of a risk and venture into new waters. Online dating is meant to be fun, so if you feel that it’s lost its spark then you’re doing something wrong. Good luck!

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