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4 Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile page is so important in your journey to finding a date. It’s your advert to the world, helping you to express yourself, show your best features, and to tell potential dates what you’re looking for. So, it’s really important that you get it right.

We’ve viewed thousands of online dating profiles, and have come up with some top tips to help you improve yours…


1: Add photos

Okay, so it’s this old bugbear: photos. We know looks aren’t everything, and so do your potential dates. That said, if you have a photo which doesn’t really show your face, or is too dark to see clearly, or your picture is just really low quality or obscure, it sets off alarm bells. What’s this person hiding? Why won’t they show their face? Photos are a great opportunity to show off the things you enjoy, and your personality. Whilst there’s something to be said for not uploading pictures (particularly if you hate doing so) since some members seek out photo-less profiles, on the whole adding multiple photos will get you a lot more attention from other members.


2: Be personal

Ticking boxes about your waist size or interests is all well and good, but it can feel quite bland. Your profile page is your opportunity to put some of your personality out there. If there are options to include written details, add them! With thousands, or even millions, of members, standing out from the crowd can be important. Tell them about your time on holiday, or a funny thing that happened to you, maybe even a few details to help describe your photos. This will all provide a hint of what it’s like to talk to you, and therefore more of a lure to get in touch.


3: Don’t brag or put yourself down

This is a tough one. On one hand, you want people to be attracted to you and so “bigging yourself up” can seem like a good idea. Whilst this might work for some people, it can come across as arrogant or even deceitful. Then when you do meet, it may be hard to keep up that persona. At the other end of the spectrum, making comments about being unattractive or boring will most likely put people off wanting to chat to you. After all, dating is meant to be fun, not a downer. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be yourself (absolutely, be yourself) but that members only have your profile page through which to decide whether or not they want to talk to you. So our advice is to keep things positive and fun, rather than overbearing.

4: Update regularly

A lot of members will fill out their dating profile when they sign up, and then never touch it again. This can be a big mistake. After all, haven’t you, and your preferences, changed over time? Maybe you’re not looking for a date every week any more, perhaps you’d rather find someone who’s interested in a more long term relationship. Or maybe you’ve found a new hobby, or a new favourite restaurant in town. You change over time, your dating profile should too!


The lowdown

You dating profile page is your main lure when searching for dates. It should reflect who you are, offering other members enough information to decide whether or not they’d like to contact you. By keeping your profile up to date, honest and engaging, you’ll improve your chancing of finding your ideal date.

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