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Match can work.
21 January 2013
Reviewer: Kris from San Antonio, TX, USA

184 of 346 people found this review helpful

People get on dating web sites for a lot of different reasons, mine was ultimately to find a lasting relationship. I've tried a couple of other dating sites before getting on Match.com and met some nice people, went on several dates. For one reason or another things just didn't work out. I'm a busy professional with children, previously married for more than ten years. I had no idea where to start the dating process. Online dating gave me a way to meet people.

I think the most important thing about online dating is being honest, both in posting information about yourself and in reviewing other's information. It's critical to have good photos posted, I don't think they have to be professional, but they should be in focus, reasonably current, tell something about you, your life and your interests. When contacted by men that I was not interested in I thanked them for them interest and kindly said I was not interested but wished them the best in finding that special someone. It works the other way too, I didn't stress out and wonder why I didn't receive a message back from... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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Just try it! I'm so glad I did.
19 January 2013
Reviewer: Katiebug from USA

207 of 388 people found this review helpful

I'm writing this review because I'm so grateful to Match. If you're looking for reviews, you're probably skeptical. I was too! I'd never tried internet dating before and thought finding someone great online was too good to be true. Still, I gave Match a try, and I'm so happy I did!

No, it's not instant. It took me three months to find a guy I wanted to exchange more than a few emails with. Yes, there are a few creeps and jerks, just like in real life. But there are also a lot of good, honest girls and guys out there looking for the same thing you are.

Like I said, it took three months for me...but then I met my future husband! And I can't say "thank you" enough. He's amazing, wonderful, sweet, and kind. Just the "nice guy" that I was always hoping to meet! After a few months of online communication, we finally met in person, and from there it's been happily ever after.

That's my personal success; beyond that, I loved how easy the site was to use, and how easy it... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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Match.com works for me!
08 August 2012
Reviewer: Ron Spencer from Boston, MA

186 of 358 people found this review helpful

I have been a member of Match.com for about 6 months, in which time I've probably had around 8 first dates. Most of the time the date doesn't really pan out - that's not to say it goes badly, but that it just isn't what I'm looking for. So I move on. I don't really see the point in going on numerous dates only to discover what I suspected from the start, so if it doesn't feel right and we don't "click" on the first date, then I usually end things. There are plenty of women (and for that matter, men) on Match.com so there is no point sticking with someone that doesn't feel right when your perfect match could be the next person you "meet" on the site. Match.com makes it easy to find relatively like-minded people, so at least you can be sure that your first date won't be a disaster. That said, their matching system is obviously not perfect, so you still have to go on numerous "first dates" before you finally find "the one". I am still waiting. However, searching for dates on Match.com is much easier (and in my opinion more fun) than searching for... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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The Biggest Dating Site on the Net!
09 October 2010
Reviewer: Single Guy from Houston, Texas, USA

213 of 429 people found this review helpful

Match.com is easily the biggest dating site on the net, with nearly 30 million members - that's bigger than the whole population of some countries! The ratios of men to women are also fairly evenly spread at about 50:50 from what I've seen, which gives both sexes an equal chance at finding a match online. The navigation is really easy, and once you're a member you can browse and search for other members all day long by a wide range of different criteria.

I've actually been a member of many dating sites (not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket) but Match.com is definitely the one with which I've had the most success.

If you're single then I highly recommend you give it a try. Joining is free so you've got nothing to lose by trying it.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com to a friend.

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